Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 14, 2012 will be remembered as another day of tragedy with the 20 children and 6 adults killed in a Connecticut Elementary School, as well as the 22 children stabbed in an Elementary School in China. I safely say that there were plenty more tragic incidents that happened in other places on that day that we may not have heard about and may never hear. I pray for peace and comfort for all who suffer in this world. 
We as Americans have a hard time realizing that these types of things happen in our country. Sure, it happens in far away places almost every day, but we are America, it is not suppose to happen. But we are quickly facing a harsh reality in our beloved America every passing year that goes by and with every American tragedy story that occurs. In my opinion, it will get worse before it gets better...

With that said, there are always people who ask, "Why does God allow this to happen?", "If he is a God of love, why does he let this go on?"

My answer for you is that God did not create a world of sin and a world of violence. When the seed of sin was planted from Satan's rebellion to the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden, from these events the seed of sin was planted, nurtured, and has grown to an incredibly powerful force in our world. God does not dictate by force what we has humans choose to do on our own. God takes no pleasure in making us love Him, His pleasure comes when we choose to do that on our own. People die everyday all over the world and whether you like to think about it or not, NO ONE is promised tomorrow. God has a plan for every man and every woman, but He wants us to choose to come to Him so he can reveal what that plan is to us. God has the power to interfere with any and all things in our lives and He does this every day. But He does not force Himself on us. Any loving Father wants his children to be free.

The Bible says, the closer we get to the Lord's return the harsh reality of violence will increase in our world. God has not made us into what we have become, we have done that ourselves. God's love is unconditional, gentle, and everlasting so he does not force Himself on us. But just like any father He will eventually put a stop to His children acting out in rebellion.

We as human beings face a common enemy and just because you refuse to believe he exists, that does not make him a myth....

Where do you stand in the middle of this?? Do you refuse to believe because you have listened to someone that is misinformed about the true meaning to the words written in the Bible? Has someone told you that there are to many contradictions in the Bible and it can't be true? My friends there is more to that book than what you see in the secular world we live in. Don't blow it off until you search out the truth, don't just take your college professor's or Charles Darwin's word for it. And especially don't blow it off because you know if you truly started to seek the truth,  you know you just might find it... And that scares you because you know you will have to turn away from some of the things you do day after day... My friends I have been there. But I will tell you that once you believe and have received, you will take pleasure in pleasing God. It will over-ride all the sinful things you do in your life that was once the source of your pleasure. I'm not saying you will be perfect, none of us will ever be, God understands this. But it will make you want to strive to be ChristLike and with that things only get better..

Make it happen because all our earthly bodies will fade away one day, but there is an eternity that awaits us and a God that loves us.. Cry out to Him, His biggest desire is for you to love him, just like a father desires for his child to love him, so does our Father God desire us.....

Thank you, 
Dustin L. Dyer

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